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Hey Braindom Fam,

Here you will find a quick guide to the marketplace. Please read thoroughly not to experience any inconvenience.

There are 2 types of entries,

-Single Burn, which means that you can burn just one time for a specific product.

-Multiple Burns, which means that you can burn more than one.

And there are 2 ways of participating,

-Single/Multiple Products, You will have access when you burn.

-Raffle, You burn to get a ticket for the raffle.

Some examples:

Single Burn, Single/Multiple Product: If you burn under these titles, you will get the product. You will receive the products within 7 days after the burn.

Single Burn, Raffle: Each person can burn only once and enter the raffle.

Multiple Burn, Raffle: You can burn and enlist as much as you want. The more entries you do, the more chance you have.

Important Notices:

1) Matchingham Games has the right to change the required brian token for participation. Please be sure that you check the required amount with each burn.

2) 1 $BRIAN = 1 $BRIAN - There is no USD value to $BRIAN tokens

3) You need to write your e-mails for some products, please be sure to write them down correctly. You may not receive the product if the correct information does not reach us. We do not hold any responsibility for wrong entries.

4) You will receive the products to the same wallet you burned the Brian Tokens.

5) After the winners of the raffles' announcement, we will send the prizes within 7 days. The raffles will be held on that you will have a chance to verify the participants on the list.

6) Some Gift cards are country restricted. Please be sure that your country is within the eligible ones.

7) Please keep in mind that how to use the gift cards and checking whether the gift cards are available in your country are your responsibility. Be sure that you can redeem the gift card in your country. We strongly recommend you to check their websites before you burn. We are not responsible for the changes made by related companies.

8) Since some gift cards are required to be in the same currency as your location, after you burn, we will send an email kindly requesting you to inform your location (country). After we receive the email regarding your location, we will send your gift card via email. We cannot take any responsibility if we are not informed on time and correctly.

Steam : There are International Steam Gift cards.

Netflix : You can use a gift card purchased in a different country as long as the gift card is in the same currency as your Netflix bill

Amazon : Many people believe that they can use an Amazon gift card internationally, but this may not be the case. Amazon has different websites for every country where it operates, and each site accepts gift cards only for that specific website.

Starbucks : The participating countries are; the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and the Republic of Ireland

Spotify : Unfortunately due to some changes a while back now all Spotify premium codes (gift and eCards) are country specific and can only be redeemed in country where they are purchased (which it does state on the eCard page).

Zara : It can only be used in the country/region where it is purchased.

Xbox : Xbox Ultimate Gift cards are only redeemable in the country purchased and cannot be redeemed in any other country.

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